Our Expertise

What we do

Our focus is consulting and advisory mandates at mid-senior levels across most key global geographies. We specialise in cross border moves from any country to any country.

Our candidates operate at the top of their peer group – often combining exceptional revenue generation, commercial, and leadership skills with deep industry expertise alongside hard to find technical and linguistic skills.

Functional Expertise

Financial Advisory

Including transactions, project finance/infrastructure, and corporate finance. Opportunities exist in a broad range of locations. Often requires additional local languages but no local knowledge or expertise is typically required. Roles offer advice centred around every stage of a transaction with a focus on M&A, due diligence, infrastructure and project advisory, performance improvement and value creation. Skills are highly sought after globally and professionals frequently seek to advance their careers through cross border moves. A busy and dynamic global market.

Strategy Advisory and Consulting

Largely working with C-level executives on high level issues, this space has seen consistent growth over the last decade due to a need for  continuous change and innovation to succeed in today’s ever-shifting markets. Roles typically focus on corporate, growth and value creation strategy. Deep dive expertise is often required in a specific sector or market, but there are frequent global moves in this space and it continues to be one of the busiest markets for global consultancy hiring.

Operations Consulting and Performance

One of the largest consulting markets globally showing a steady increase in demand across all geographies. Including advisory and implementation focused on improving organisations internal operations and performance in the value chain – such as target operating model, business functions (finance, HR, etc)  management systems, culture and people. With opportunities across this functional space, skills are extremely transferable internationally and successful integration into new geographies is typically fast. Borderless search is a proven solution to sought after talent.

Technology Advisory & Consulting

Including tech and digital strategy, data & analytics, cyber security & forensics, systems integration & transformation. Steadier in demand, this space nonetheless is a busy one for cross border moves as technology transcends borders. Occasionally requires specific languages depending on locations a highly competitive space means the reliance on international talent has great need and success to find in-demand talent.

Our clients are both boutique and global players in the consulting world as well as specialist assignments for funds and major MNC’s across the world. We work with top tier strategy houses, mid-tier strategy and boutiques, traditional ‘big four’ firms and other specialist advisory firms.

As experienced, solution driven recruiters, we offer advisory services to both clients and candidates to align their needs with the global market. Pro-active and results driven, we deliver the seemingly impossible when it counts.

Geographical focus

North America

North America is a key market and whilst there are visa restrictions in the USA, both US and Canada remain key geographies for international hiring.

Central/South America

A high growth market, usually requiring Spanish and/or Portuguese linguistics and offering fast growth practices.


A consistently busy continent. Requirements vary depending on the mandate, however key locations include Nordics, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK. Languages can vary depending on location.

Middle East

The key markets of UAE and Saudi remain busy. Other markets include Oman, Qatar, Kuwait.


Long standing players in the African market, we operate across West, East and South Africa with excellent networks of African diaspora and experienced international hires.

Asia Pac

Traditional expat hubs of Hong Kong and Singapore remain busy. Australia and New Zealand along with South East Asia also offer opportunities


Typically the Caribbean and UK offshores, offering tax benefits and good work/life balance.